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The "I Am" Project

Breathe. Move. Create. Be.


Classroom Workshops

The "I Am" Project workshops teach emotional wellness practices in the classroom using simple, practical, and impactful mindfulness and embodiment tools. We foster the development of emotional literacy and emotional wellness practices across classrooms with students, teachers, parents, and school leadership. 

Private Sessions

Is your child struggling with anxiety at school? Are there big feelings that are hard to manage at home or in the classroom? Do you think your teen would benefit from learning calming strategies, self-worth tools, and emotional awareness? Yali works with children, teens, and families to cultivate emotional wellness, and strategies to cope with challenges and changes.


Teacher and Parent Support

The "I Am" Project offers content in the form of blog posts, guiding videos, exercise variations, creative reflection ideas,  journals, discussions, interviews with experts in various wellness fields, and on-site consulting with an emergent challenge. Yali will develop personalized curricula and tools to meet your school's specific need.

The "I Am" Project: Services

The Neshima Initiative: Emotional Wellness in Jewish Day Schools

Contact Yali to bring these workshops to your school! 

The "I Am" Project: Welcome
The "I Am" Project: Video Resources
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