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The Neshima Initiative: Emotional Wellness in Jewish Day Schools

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The Neshima Initiative: Welcome

The Neshima Initiative

Emotional Wellness in Jewish Day Schools


Classroom Workshops

The Neshima Project workshops teach emotional wellness practices in the classroom using practical and impactful mindfulness and embodiment tools that align with Jewish values. We foster the development of emotional literacy and emotional wellness practices across classrooms with students, teachers, parents, and school leadership.

Private Sessions

Yali works with children, teens, and their families to create a shared language of emotional wellness that works uniquely for them. In sessions, your family will learn how emotions work in the brain and body, how they impact your day to day interactions, and how they might be showing up as extreme reactions, increased anxiety, and what may be called "oppositional" behavior. You will learn strategies to help move through challenging moments, and ways to increase resilience.  Yali has experience working with cases of school refusal, strong/explosive behavior in the classroom, and conflict resoultion.


Family and School Support

When working with a child, Yali offers extensive support to the family, and often acts as a liaison with the teachers and school. When working with a school, Yali offers workshops, training, and support ot teachers, administration, and school leadership. Yali develops personalized curricula and tools to meet your family or school's specific need.

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